Unlimited Outdoor Bar Ideas

Patio-Bar-Ideas-and-OptionsA fun, cozy outdoor bar helps to add value to a property. They allow homeowners to entertain their families and friends in a casual setting outside the house. Ideas for outdoor bars are varied because of the many styles and designs that can be constructed. Many specialty home stores already sell outdoor bar sets that generally include a table, bar and matching stools. Designing an outdoor bar can take on any design concept that homeowners can envision or they can be designed with a theme in mind.

Outdoor bars for the backyard or patio area are more than just a place for serving beverages, they are ideal for cooking, which includes a grill, stone oven, outdoor sinks, refrigerator, or anything that keeps homeowners and their guests outdoors under the stars, without going back and forth into the house. An outdoor bar is truly an investment in relaxation, friendship, and peace of mind.

Enhancing a backyard or patio area with outdoor furnishings like a bar set adds monetary value to any home because realtors say that for every dollar that a homeowner invests they can see up to a $2.00 return when it is time to sell their home. A simple outdoor bar set can be a regular bar structure with two or 4 stools. Outdoor bar sets can be a fixed structure or a portable design, from traditional, tiki, modern or anything your imagination can dream up.

An outdoor bar idea begins with a location. Look at your outdoor space and think about foot traffic. Decide where you want everyone to come together and how much space you have versus what your plans are for the bar. Next, decide whether the bar will be a wet bar or a dry bar. For a wet bar, you will need a water line, electricity for refrigeration and various storage options. A dry bar will require a small storage space for refrigeration. They can have a sink and a small working space. They can also be portable because certain models are available with wheels that allow owners to place a simple bar set wherever they want it.

Outdoor bars are extremely popular all around the world, therefore, the materials that are available for making a bar are varied. Quality metal components help to create a sophisticated or simple look and it holds up extremely well in all types of elements. If you love nature and want to go with a natural wood type, then you have the choice of wicker, bamboo, and many other wood styles. A less expensive type of material is plastic, whose technology has been improved to withstand rain, snow, wind, and hot sunny days.

Furnishings for outdoor bar are also available in a myriad of materials like popular wood choices of teak, cedar, redwood, pine, jarrah, kwila, and roble. These wood types have varying degrees of durability and resistance, but they promise a long lifespan of beauty. Metal furnishings like stainless steel, wrought iron, and aluminum, will not rust and they are all very sturdy and beautiful. Synthetic wicker or rattan furnishings provide a relaxing exotic outdoor environment.

tiki-bar-hut-next-to-poolFurniture for an outdoor bar can be constructed in many styles, such as circular, rectangle, square, and L-shaped, depending on the amount of space that a homeowner has. Furniture is designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind. Modern outdoor furnishings are available in natural colors and vivid colors for all creative designs. The best place to start looking at ideas for an outdoor bar is the particular homeowner’s house. Some of the best outdoor furnishing ideas are those that blend and match with the house. Using the same construction materials that are used within the house and that match the outdoors, makes for a more perfect design.

The next best decorative feature is the lighting. Outdoor lighting should not only illuminate the bar area, but it is a security component and it brightens up the whole backyard or patio area. There are many different styles of outdoor bar lighting features, such as solar, which everyone is moving into. Solar lighting is eco-friendly, an energy saver, and they are easy to install because their power source is the sun. Solar lighting is available in varied decorative string lights, post cap lights, floating torches, oil torches, tea lights and lanterns. Outdoor bar lighting is available in different shapes, sizes and uses and is an ambient part of any décor plan. Having the right lighting for your bar area helps to make the backyard and patio area safer and very enjoyable to share with friends and family.

Many people enjoy adding a covering over their outdoor bar area. One without a covering when the weather turns is very disruptive to family and friends who have been enjoying a wonderful time. Whether it is day or night, a bar roofing structure helps to make the perfect setting for many barside activities. Use exterior grade materials for a covering to protect people from the elements. Canopy coverings can be as simple as an outdoor umbrella fabric, metal shingles, awnings, wood coverings, and asphalt shingles. Some canopies or roof coverings feature built-in glass hangers where people can store martini glasses, wine glasses, or other stemware. This is a great addition to the unit that adds convenience and maximizes storage potential.

Spruce up your backyard or patio by planning an outdoor bar where people can spend quality time together. As a backyard landscape idea, a patio bar strengthens the natural casual feeling of an outdoor environment where families and friends come together to relax and have fun. Adding the right accessories to an outdoor bar can allow homeowners to enjoy their creative venture year round. A backyard bar adds function and style to a patio or yard.

Choose the right bar that fits your needs, such as a small bar area for entertaining just a few guests. Backyard or patio bars are available with many design principles that make them a fun and functional asset which will soon become a focal point of any outdoor landscape. From serving drinks to entertaining guests, an outdoor bar helps to make a home the place for having parties, celebrations of all kinds, or an area for many social events.