Tiki Hut Structures and Furniture Pieces for Homes

Many homeowners have things like a patio, deck, screened in porch, or outside sitting area attached to their home. These all provide a nice space for relaxing and enjoyment of the outdoors. But why leave your outdoor space dull and boring? Nowadays, to liven things up, a lot of people are also setting up a TIki Hut on their property.

What is a Tiki Hut? A Tiki Hut is a Tiki styled enclosure or roofed table that has been influenced by Polynesian culture—where this unique form has its origins. Tiki themed huts and tables are showing up in homes all over the U.S. and offering homeowners a taste of exotic culture in their own backyard. Here are some examples of Tiki Hut products that consumers can purchase for their property.

Tiki Bar 360 Degree – Tropical Kiosk w/ 8 Bar Stools & Thatch Roof

tiki-bar-tropical-kioskThe 360 Degree Tiki Bar/Topical Kiosk with a thatch roof is an amazing bar and entertainment piece that you can add to your backyard. This large sized Tiki themed structure is large enough to seat 12 people and it has counter space for guest on all four sides of the square enclosure.

The thatched roof will definitely keep you and your guests cool from the sun, and there is plenty of storage space in the structure for drinks, foods and dishes. The bar has 6 foot 7 inch counters on all four sides and it stands 10 and a half feet tall. The set comes complete with eight 30-inch bar stools, and it also comes with built in racks and sliding and fixed shelving for containing serving ware and other items.

This Tiki styled hut is made from sturdy materials and has a lacquered finish that is designed to hold up under extreme weather conditions. If you want to go all-out with a Tiki theme for your backyard—or if you’ve got an idea to incorporate a genuine Tiki hut at your business location—then this would be the one to buy.

Bamboo Island Tiki Bar

bamboo-island-tiki-bar-hutAnother Tiki hut that is sure to impress is the Bamboo Island Tiki Bar. This unit is made from bamboo with a palm leaf and bamboo plywood roof panel construction. This unit sells for about half the price as the tropical kiosk above, however it does not come with the stools included. Matching Bamboo Tiki Stools are sold separately. This bar has plenty of shelving and space for storing bottles, glasses, and anything else you need under the counter top.

Up to fourteen people could comfortably enjoy sitting at the bar—with 3 guests seated on each side and 2 people playing bartender in the middle. Each of the four bar counters is 6 feet long. The bar is constructed using Moso bamboo in a natural color finish.

The bamboo tiki bar will instantly become the big attraction in your backyard next to the pool. Otherwise, it is also ideal to add a tropical theme to your restaurant, nightclub, or bar business. It’s the perfect spot from which to serve up a variety of Tiki drink cocktails.

Tabletop Tiki Hut

tabletop-tiki-hutTabletop Tiki Huts are great for creating a Polynesian ambiance without the extra expense. The Tabletop Tiki Hut is 55 inches high and 56 inches long. The piece can be set up over bars or tables that have similar proportions. You’ll like the small thatch roof that is attached on the unit since it instantly creates the Tiki atmosphere that so many people have come to adore.

Bayside21 – 8′ Thatched Tiki Umbrella


Bayside21 offers its 8 foot wide Hula Thatched Tiki Umbrella that can be situated near the pool or attached on a patio. This type of Tiki themed umbrella is great for blocking out the sun and it provides a less expensive alternative for transforming a person’s backyard into an island paradise. The Hula Thatched Tiki Umbrella is a sturdy, weather resistant piece with a vented canopy.

Tropical Thatch Umbrella Cover

tropical-thatch-umbrella-coverThe Tropical Thatch Umbrella Cover is a Tiki themed umbrella cover made using genuine palm leafs that can transform any patio furniture with an umbrella into an island styled piece.

This type of cover is great for anyone who wants the island look without spending a great deal of cash. It is approximately 10 feet in diameter and is intended to cover a 9-foot umbrella.The nice thing about the thatch umbrella cover is you don’t need to buy a whole tiki hut if you’ve already got a nice patio dining table with an umbrella or another backyard umbrella set up already in place.

Since the cover has a little bit of wight to it—about 18 lbs of natural palm leaves—you’ll want to make sure you use it with a high-quality, sturdy umbrella. Once you put it up, you’re sure to fall in love with the tropical ambiance this umbrella cover produces. Time to invite over your buddies and mix up some Mai Tai cocktials!

These are just some of the many different Tiki Hut structures, umbrellas and coverings that are available for purchase on Amazon for people who want to transform their property into their own personal paradise.