Reviewing the Best Outdoor Bar Stools

barcelona_resin_wicker_outdoor_bar_height_chairsThere are many reasons why you might want to pick up some outdoor bar stools. You might have bought an outdoor bar set that comes with just a couple stools and you want to pick up a few more to have seats for all of your buddies. Or maybe you came across a good deal on a patio bar cabinet or a counter height table that didn’t come with any chairs—in that case you’ll definitely want to pick up a couple pairs of all-weather bar stools. Whatever your reason for shopping for new bar stools, you’ll want to compare a few different ones to find the best for your patio and budget.

We’ve compiled a helpful chart in order to compare some of the highest rated outdoor bar stools. You can sort the chart by material, seat height, and price. Most of the stools have a seat height of either 29 or 30 inches. Prices can vary quite a bit depending on the material of the chair and the relative quality. In the chart, each “$” represents roughly $50. But keep in mind that most of these stools are sold in sets of 2. So when clicking on any stool to read the full description, make sure to check if the price is for one stool or for a pair.

There’s a wide variety of materials that a practical for outdoor stools. All-weather resin wicker will hold up under any conditions and also gives a good amount of comfort while looking great. There are a few different varieties of wood that are also great for outdoor furniture. At the most expensive end of the spectrum is teak, which will last for decades. Other durable and attractive wood options are shorea and eucalyptus. If you’ve got a Tiki bar theme going on, then you’ll probably want to get your hands on a few bamboo bar stools. And finally, for ultra durability with stylish charm you can pick a pair of metal bar chairs such as cast aluminum or wrought iron.

Have a look at the different types of stools available. To see a full description, just click on the name of any stool. And keep reading on for reviews of the highest recommended ones.

Bar stoolNameMaterialSeat HeightPrice
Strathwood Bradford all-weather hardwood bar chairStrathwood Bradford All-weather Hardwood Bar ChairEucalyptus hardwood29 inches$$$
living accents grill gazeebo bar stoolLiving Accents Grill Gazeebo Bar StoolSteel30 inches$$
Outdoor Wicker All-weather BarstoolOutdoor Wicker All-weather BarstoolResin wicker and aluminum frame30 inches$$
Premium Outdoor Wicker Swivel StoolsPremium Outdoor Wicker Swivel Bar Stoolsresin wicker and steel frame30.5 inches$$$$$$$$
Amazonia Ibiza Eucalyptus BarstoolAmazonia Ibiza Eucalyptus BarstoolEucalyptus hardwood32 inches$$
Bali_Hai_Bar_StoolHomestyles Bali Hai Bar StoolShorea hardwood29 inches$$
Barcelona Resin Wicker Outdoor Bar Height ChairsResin wicker and aluminum frame30 inches$$$$
Mandalay_wrought_iron_barstoolInternational Caravan Mandalay Bar Height Bistro ChairWrought iron30 inches$$$$
homestyles montego bay eucalyptusHomestyles Montego Bay Bar StoolShorea hardwood29 inches$$
Pub Height Patio Super StoolPub Height Patio Super StoolEucalyptus hardwood29 inches$$$$
cast aluminum Biscayne swivel stoolHome Styles Biscayne Swivel StoolCast aluminum28 inches$$$$
Grade-A_teak-wood_outdoor_patio_bar_stoolGrade-A Teak Wood Outdoor Patio Bar ChairTeak hardwood30 inches$$$$$
Grade-A teak wood barstoolGrade-A Teak Wood Backless Bar StoolTeak hardwood28 inches$$$
bamboo tiki bar stoolsBamboo Tiki Bar StoolBamboo30 inches$$$$
Tahiti bamboo stoolBamboo Tahiti Bar StoolBamboo30 inches$$$
bamboo-bar-stool-no-backRound Bamboo Bar StoolBamboo30 inches$$
sawtooth-teak-stoolSawtooth Bar ChairTeak30 inches$$$$$$$$
winsome-walnut-stoolWinsome Rush Seat Hardwood StoolHardwood and Rush29 inches$

Bamboo Tiki Bar Stool

Bamboo Tiki Bar stoolsThe first set of Bamboo Bar Stools can be purchased from a company called Woodward’s Cottage in conjunction with with Fulfilled By Amazon. They are made by Enduring Bamboo and imported into the United States, Canada, as well as Europe. The stools are only sold as a set of two, but you can buy as many pairs as you want.

Amazon customers will receive free postage and shipping on the set of stalls, and can expect them to be sent within a day of being brought. They are of a high quality finish, and comfortable to sit on. They would especially go well with a bamboo construction outdoor bar or Tiki hut.

The seat of these bamboo chairs is 18 x 16.5 inches, and they have a total height of 38 inches, with the seat height at 30 inches above the ground.

Bamboo Tahiti Bar Stool

Tahiti bamboo stoolThis set of bamboo bar stools is described as being a  Tahiti Bar Stool. This particular make comes complete with a back support as well as an arm rest on either side of them. The stools are some 20 inches across, and have a total height of 46 inches, with a seat height of 30 inches. They are sold as a set of 2 stools.

If you want to have a Tiki themed outside bar, then you should strongly consider picking up a few pairs of bamboo bar stools, because they are the most natural material for the tropical Tiki style decor. This particular version of bamboo bar stool is well-made and also affordable. On top of this, it is a comfortable stool for sitting due to having a back and armrests. The footrest also has double rung support so that it will stand up to some pressure and use.

Overall, these are a very solid choice for bamboo stools. The addition of armrests and the higher back might make them more appealing for some customers.

Round Bamboo Bar Stool

bamboo-bar-stool-no-backA more basic pair of bamboo bar stools is available from a firm called PRE Sales. These Round Bamboo Bar Stools do not have a back support or arm rests, which is reflected in the lower list price. Bargain hunters can save by picking up a few pairs of these. Your guests will still be impressed due to the glossy laquer coating on the bamboo, which makes it very shiny and smooth to the touch.

Don’t be fooled by the relatively lower cost, these are still very sturdy stools that you’re sure to enjoy.

Sawtooth Bar Chair

sawtooth-teak-stoolIf you’re looking for something a little more out of the ordinary, then you may like the Sawtooth Bar Chair, which is made from reclaimed teak wood. Teak is a strong and durable wood which means that these stools will not need to be replaced at any time in the near future.

They are made using reclaimed wood and each stool will be unique due to the nature of the materials that are used in their production. The color of the teak will also generally be darker. The stools have a foot rest and are the style that would be expected to be found in a pub.

A number of stools can be purchased and teamed with a small teak table to create a unique design feature in the home which also works equally well in the garden.

Winsome Rush Seat Hardwood Bar Stool

winsome-walnut-stoolThese stools come in sets of two and represent a great value. The Winsome Rush Seat Hardwood Bar Stool is sturdy, built out of a light brown wood and will hold up to 230 lbs. Each stool is 29 inches high and the seat measures 13.5 in. x 13.5 in. The seat is composed of weaved, light beige wicker which gives the chair a very trendy jungle-like look. These seats are also a bit smaller than most which allows them to fit nicely into the smaller kitchens and bars of today. These stools have no backs, but this allows them to tuck neatly out of the way under the bar when not in use.

If you are going to use these chairs a lot, it might be a good idea to protect the wicker with a protective seal to promote easy cleaning and longer use. Priced at under $50 for a pair, these stools also go on sale at various times of the year, late winter and fall, when a savvy shopper can get them for even less.

They are imported from Thailand, and the rush seat gives these stools a tropical feeling that would work well in a Tiki style bar as an alternative to bamboo.

Barcelona Resin Wicker Outdoor Bar Height Chairs

barcelona_resin_wicker_outdoor_stoolsThese Resin Wicker Outdoor Bar Chairs by Barcelona come in dark brown and have a powder-coated frame of aluminum. The seat height of these chairs is 30 inches, which match the usual height for a bar stool. The seat measures 20 in. x 20 in. They also have a nice high back for extra support and comfort while sitting.

The resin wicker is resistant to damage from UV light and water. This makes these bar height chairs an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use. The resin wicker weave is smooth and tight-fitting. They have a very slick, stylish look to them. It’s a very versatile look that can match with a wide range of bar counter styles such as wood, metal, or even stone.

Like most of the stools listed here, the Resin Wicker Stools come sold as a pair. While they are not the cheapest outdoor stools around, they are built to last, and so they make a great investment for your home.